Is Taoism a religion?

In my eyes, Taoism, as it is the heart of the chinese people, isn’t a religion.

There is however a distinction in Taoism. There is classical Taoism, which is like Greek Philosophy, only used to become insightful in nature and the way the universe, nature and humanity works.

Then there is neo-taoism/modern taoism, that is taking the side of Confucius and taoist ‘alchemy’ to find supernatural improvement of life. The actions required in this, could be seen as ‘rituals’ and therefore neo-taoism could be named a ‘religion’.


So, NO, Original/classical Taoism is not a religion.

And, yes, modern/neo-taoism can be called a religion.

But what is wrong about calling something a religion? 

Religion means binding. Binding a person in thought and action. When humans weren’t having a lot of options of understanding or scientifically researching, it was probably helping that someone said: Look, don’t worry, there must be a reason for it.

Those days are over, yet there are people depending on the following of others. Like banks are dependant of people saving money with them, taking loans etc. As such Religious cults need people to pay for their lifes. This is always and intrinsically wrong.

It doesn’t matter if the religion is based on superstitious or supernatural things, or based on reality supporting subjects, the fact that the individual is stripped from the freedom of self, is wrong.