What are Yin and Yang?

Most simple definition of Yin and Yang:

Yin is the direction of anything that is building up, inflowing. Yang is the direction of anything outgoing, explosive. (This is why some accidentally think that yin is female: building a child).

This is what I teach my students (to extend). I always keep it to understandable and reusable things. The deficient and excess yin and yang are from TCM. They are explainable in use of force when in a situation of conflict (verbal and non-verbal), but it takes some time before students get to a degree of being aware of it. The biggest problem with modern day MA and TCM and actually global ‘understanding’  of the concepts of yin and yang, is that they are connected to gender force: Yin=female and yang=male. This is totally WRONG. If you see something being stated like that, be very critical about its source. It is someone who doesn’t understand it. 

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