Another view on Yin and Yang

You yin your yang?

Who touches kungfu, should know he/she is touching Yin and Yang in the essence.

The Dao, or Taijtu, represents Tao and the change of Yin and Yang. Perhaps you are known with the explanation of extremes going to extremes (the black/white dot is the start to develop to the bigger half of the big circle, where the alternate dot does the same the other way around)

What is often less well known, is what Yin and Yang actually represents. Students of mine, know that the definition to color doesn’t really matter, except from historical point of view. In history, Yin and Yang started defined as Yin being black/dark and Yang being white/light. If you look at a high mountain (like there are suprisingly  many in China), you will see that it has ‘two’ sides. (of course in three dimensions it has way more, but the simplified idea here). One is a warm light sided and one is a cold shadow side. The warm light side emmits/radiates heat, while the colder shadow side seems to ‘radiate cold’.

This is wrong, as cold means absence of heat and the surface will absorb all heat to level. The light side doesn’t actually radiate the heat, as much as it reflects it. This is however where Yin and Yang found their origins.

In Kungfu (Wudan T’ai Chi and Shaolin Kungfu), Yin is seen as the absorbing building movement and Yang is the explosive discharging movement.


Breath in, breath out

The training of Kungfu, of course has to do with the ability to use the excesses as well as the moderation. Think twice to define Yin and Yang as two values. They are NOT. They are the sliding scale. In the west many practitioners TCM and Chinese Martial Arts are having misconceptions about these two. Making them ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. You can NOT do this, except to say that at a certain moment something is more masculine or more feminine. In either Yin or Yang.

Yin and Yang are best translated to ‘More in’ (Yin) and ‘More out’ (Yang). A sliding scale as to say. IF you understand this, there is much you will learn from Chinese Martial Arts and other aspects of life. It will become clearer that a movement can go forward, yet be Yin. Or a movement can go backwards and still be Yang. Where someone who has the misconception of both with easily say an outgoing movement is Yang or the reversed, you will now recognize that these should be observed with the definitions of ‘more Yin’, or ‘more Yang’.

In TCM the same words are used, but for health definitions. Someone is warm, he/she radiates heat and is often called ‘Yang’ (discharge of energy). But depending on the location, it can be actual Yin’ Yang energy (coming from emptiness). So by building of energy, the body is radiating, meaning it requires discharge. Because this is requiring more indepth information, I will leave it at that (You might reference the Ling Shu).

Now you are more Yin

Before you punch, you focus and put your body in place, so that it is effective and you have energy to punch. Before you block, you move your body, so that with the minimum of energy from inside, you can absorb the maximum amount from outside. This is all a buildup from Yin before Yang (whether outgoing, or incoming). As with everything, it is about preparation. Preparing (Yin) is only possible if you take time to analyse the situation. You can find a solution, if you learned the parts that can be used to so so. This also is all Yin in preparation of Yang.

Kungfu is using Yin en Yang in movement and force. Kungfu is also learning to use the movement, the force and movement between Yin and Yang and in reverse.